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Questions & Answers

  • Before Session


    Please fill out all forms as well as assessment(s) prior to intake session so we may have the full hour for your intake.  The Beck Depression Inventory-II and or the Beck Anxiety Inventory Assessments are re-administered every 3-months for assessment and insurance purposes.


  • First Session/Intake


    No worries, clinicians are here to be a support person for you.  We will go through background information for assessment and insurance purposes and we will discuss what brings you in/your areas of need as well as your goals.


  • Items to Bring


    1. *Drivers License / Valid ID

    2. *Insurance Card

    3. Valid Credit Card


    *Please have your drivers license and insurance card ready so clinician can make copies. Thank you!


  • Processing Payments


    Please note: to circumvent billing matters from interrupting the therapeutic alliance, all insurance co-pays, payments, deductibles, and any balances are due paid in full same day of services rendered at onset of session(s).

    Thank you!


  • Payment Methods


    American Express /  Discover / MasterCard / Visa / Health Savings Account


  • Appointment Reminders


    You will get text and e-mail reminders send to you to remind you of your appointment(s).


  • Reschedules/Adding Sessions


    Clients can re-schedule sessions or add sessions via e-mailing therapist 24/7.


  • Staying Abreast of Insurance Policy/Policies


    Please note it is important to stay abreast of your insurance policy, as it is ultimately the responsibility of clients' to ensure that they have an active policy, as well as for payment of any deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance as determined by your policy, which can change at anytime. Please note: Pink Positive Psychology can not be responsible for any misquoted information by your insurance carrier(s).  Sometimes your insurance will request you to update information with your insurance, it is important you do so as to ensure your claim processes, as clients are responsible for any claims not paid by their insurance.


  • Private Pay Rate


    If you no longer have insurance or your insurance does not cover your session, your private pay default rate would be $160.00.


  • Phone Session Rate


    $160 per Hour (53-Minutes up to 60-Minutes)

    *Insurance does NOT cover phone sessions.


  • Length of Sessions


    Sessions are 53-Minutes, we will wrap up 10-minutes to the hour wherein we will have a few minutes to summarize.


  • Paperwork Requests


    Please always let your clinician know at the beginning of session(s) if you need paperwork completed.  Please have contact person's full name as well as their e-mail address and or a fax number to expedite processing paperwork.


  • Boundaries


    While in treatment relationship would clinician remains professional and after treatment relationship with clinician would cease (i.e. therapist would never be friends or more than friends with client before, during, or after treatment), but of course you can always return to treatment with clinician.


  • Maintainting Confidentiality


    If therapist sees client outside of therapy, therapist would never make initial contact with client to protect client's confidentiality, while client is in treatment or after client has been discharged.  All sessions with clinicians are confidential unless subpoenaed; or if client reports intend to self-harm; intent to harm another person; or if client reports abusing a child, cognitively impaired person, or elderly person physically, sexually, emotionally, and or neglecting such a person.


  • Texting Boundaries


    Please note texting therapist is reserved for scheduling matters only.  If you would like to add a phone session on for $160 for an hour session please e-mail your clinician 24-7 for such to be coordinated.  Any and all other matters/inquires will be addressed in session(s). Thank you!



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